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28-Oct-2017 12:19

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Best for: A group of about 8 to 10 people (though you can play with many more).

What you need: Words to act out (check out my word generator for an electronic list, or the end of this post for word lists you can print out).

Concept and Functionality: While this app is still growing into its full potential through a growing user base, the overall concept is stellar.

The functionality can only improve through time, updates and an expanded pool of users, so we’re quite optimistic about this one.

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We’ve seen too many apps kick around old ideas in hopes of a breakthrough.

Ok, so you’ve tried OKCupid, Tinder,, JDate and um, real life. Well, it might be time to try Charade Date, from DNA Mobile, LLC, a new turn-based dating app that’s poised to revolutionize the world of dating, not just through i OS, but through digital communication in general.

If you haven’t heard of this app, this is your heads up.

What it is: A classic big group game, easily suited for lots of different occasions and age levels.

Players act out clues for their teammates to guess.

The app as a whole is somewhere between Chatroulette (yes, you remember that eight minute fad) and a typical dating site.

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