Consolidating police agencies

29-Oct-2017 01:26

Up until 1963 married men were not allowed to apply to state police, and active trooper had to seek permission from their superior officer to get married.

In 1971 the first female applicant to the state police academy was accepted as a cadet and graduated in 1972.

The department currently operates a mixed fleet of vehicles including the new law enforcement specific Ford Police Interceptor sedan and SUV, Crown Victorias, Ford Expeditions and Dodge Chargers which are only used by Pennsylvania Turnpike Troopers.

The PSP also owns and operates numerous helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

PSP enlisted members are referred to as "troopers".

The site was actually located in the Hershey Inn and it remained at this location until 1960 when it was moved to 175 Hersheypark Dr, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The current location is fitted with kennels and stables and located only a few miles from the original site.

The Greensburg CDC would have covered Troops A, B, and G; the Clarion CDC would have covered Troops C, D, and E; the Pittston CDC would have covered Troops F, N, P, and R.

Troop T stations are dispatched by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission at its Highspire headquarters.

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