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13-Oct-2017 00:07

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Many show off statements were made and all the celebs had something to say on one topic or another but Yousuf sisters stole the limelight.They not only had fun in the show but targeted every second actor/actress from the industry.Some actors actually create controversies to remain relevant.Every year we witness stuff goes on; some intentional and some non-intentional.Members can also find new friends through our own privately hosted email system.Shadi Online is really the main and important goal of Geo Marriage and the best thing is this that we don't charge even a single dollar for this service.But senior actress as Saba boycotting the biggest award show of the country made quite a news.Sahir Lodhi hosted a Ramadan transmission this year.

Saba later released a video in which she read the whole speech and people knew what she was actually going to say. The things went even uglier because during his patriotic outrage Sahir unconsciously gave a disrespecting statement about Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.She was obviously with some friend and maybe that friend leaked it intentionally or it got out by accident but people were there to discuss everything from the song being played to her dance moves.She was wearing a white eastern attire and was visibly having fun with friends but the video made great controversy and she sure came under heavy fire.She said that she has been working for a decade now and people are suddenly going gaga over her just because of the BOLLYWOOD STAMP! Later the host Osman Khalid Butt also made a joke on her boycotting the award show.

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Later in the year more actors also expressed concerns about the credibility of our award shows.Veena wanted a divorce from Asad while Asad wanted their relationship to work.