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04-Nov-2017 10:17

Your team leader will provide creative and carefully worded clues to help you and your team guess that anime word.

But don't mention unmentionables, or you'll lose the point!

and her work on the Boruto movie and (possibly) on the forthcoming series.

Meet the amazing women voice actors from your favorite anime and video games.

You’ll definitely find us there embracing our competitive side.

There’s also a Munchkin tournament running from Friday to Sunday!

Spend the first hour of the new and improved anime track at Fan Expo Dallas watching AMVs!

[TV-14, Dubbed] Check out the popular anime’s first four episodes BEFORE the official release from Funimation on April 18th! Anime Name That Tune has been a popular convention event long before Wasabi Anime was around, but we’re worked hard to compile and organize hundreds of songs from well known Japanese films and television shows of the animated persuasion.

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Sign up begins Sunday at Noon with the show starting at 1pm.The Americanization of Japanese Maid Cafes seems to have created a “lost in translation” situation at most anime cons.Less sexy and more sweet, authentic Japanese maid cafes are a unique experience that can only be described as a bombardment of cute.Bayformers - the good, the bad and the evil”; “There were only three episodes of G1 Transformers…

like it or not”; “The dumbest Autobot ever”; and “Whether or not Star Saber wet the bed when he was a kid.” We love anime!You may even get a chance to win some of the original artwork at the end!