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08-Jul-2017 04:12

Downsides: It used to be a little cumbersome for paying your friends back, but Pay Paul just launched a new feature called Pay that lets each user have his or her own URL.To pay or get paid, you send the URL along with the amount in an email or text, and the recipient can easily complete the transaction.Each transaction isn’t instant so it be cancelled if it was funded by a bank account, not a debit card.For transactions with strangers, the business version is cheap (1.9% per transaction), more secure, and anonymous: Something called a “cashtag” enables a user to have a custom name with the dollar sign in front. Fees: Free for non-business transactions, 1.9% per transaction to receive money for goods from strangers.If you’re the one spotting someone cash, you’ll just have to badger them later for payback—that is, if you remember.According to a (conveniently self-promotional) study published by Pay Pal, these “forgotten” debts between friends create awkwardness and strain relationships.If you have the Google Wallet Card, you can spend funds as soon as you receive them, without waiting for the funds to transfer to a debit card or bank account.Downsides: Not as user-friendly as the others, and Google discontinued the ability for Wallet to be used at stores — because it was replaced by Android Pay in this capacity.

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Risks: For the non-business version, pretty much the same as Venmo if you use a bank account.

Fortunately, a slew of apps and payment services have been created as solutions.

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