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Advice from Exorcists: 4 Ways to Keep the Devil Away Exorcisms on the rise: Occult activity sparks pastoral emergency Time to exorcise the devil from every Diocese & Parish in the world, Part 1 Chief Exorcist Leaves Spiritual Testament: Warns Against Fixation on Demons What is the devil’s favorite sin?An exorcist responds The government of New York just placed a giant image of Satan on the Empire State Building to convince the people to worship the devil Former Satanist: “I Performed Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics” SATANIC TEMPLE OUTRAGED OVER PUBLIC PRAYER 10 Powerful Weapons for Battling the Devil: Christians face a spiritual battle each day Praying the Hail Mary for Spiritual Warfare A Subtler Satanism DEMAND FOR EXORCISTS SKYROCKETS How the Satanic Black Mass Proves the Truth of Catholicism?

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“[T]ogether with our Polish brothers,” Aradszki told his colleagues, “we prayed to the Holy Virgin Mary for Hungary, for Christian Europe and its lack of freedom and for the disappearance of terrorism.” “We did this because — as believed by Popes John Paul and Benedict and other Satan-fighters — the Rosary is the strongest weapon against evil, and it is capable of changing history.” “George Soros,” he added, “will also experience this.” Read the source: https:// We rely on you to support our news reporting. Related Articles/ Videos click below: POPE FRANCIS: MEXICO’S DEVOTION TO MARY ENRAGES DEVIL Pope Francis’ 13 Warnings against Satan WITHOUT THE DEVIL CATHOLIC DOCTRINE FALLS APART FALLEN ANGELS ARE GIVEN A LONG LEASH BY GOD THE VORTEX: THE DEVIL YOU SAY — OR DON’T Satan to Exorcist: “My foothold in the Catholic Church is the self-love of its members” 19 Points of Advice for Fighting the Devil Retired Head of FBI tell all – “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings” Video: 1943 Movie exposes illuminati secrets…These three talks (each about an hour long) address spiritual warfare and the culture wars …. Spiritual Warfare & Concupiscence click below: Spiritual Warfare and Concupiscence Dr Robert Fastiggi gives this profound talk, part of the Saint Michael’s Media Spiritual Warfare Conference 2009. gives this fascinating talk, part of the Saint Michael’s Media Spiritual Warfare Conference 2009 Beware of Satan’s trap of the pious, To read click this link:

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