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But Shaquanda's traumatic childhood formed the foundation for deviant sexuality. "Dis here young lady with social services be asking about ya," Shaquanda says, giving Reggie a wink and wicked smile.

Shaquanda abruptly changes her attitude for Lisa and feigns defeat, "No, don't takes my babies. Reggie, a 39-year-old drug dealer and Shaquanda's pimp, comes out from her bedroom. He wears an angry scowl -- a big vein bulging beneath the surface of his forehead -- as if interrupted from something important. Reggie takes a second look at the beautiful social worker.

" For eight years DCF has been sending social workers to Shaquanda to check on her kids. In her three months with the agency no one has refused scheduled visits. "I only want to help." This social worker is really attractive.

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Ya can come in." Lisa enters the dingy, rundown apartment, musty air filling her sinuses. He likes young, white pussy and never misses opportunities to nail it, but this girl can be a professional model with her figure and face.