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by Hugh Duncan Research Articles (2) - The Pray Codex by Hugh Farey Publications (1) - Pollen on the Shroud of Turin: The Probable Trace Left by Anointing and Embalming by Marzia Boi The Ongoing Researches of Grard Lucotte Publications (2) - Books Around the Internet Editorial - by Hugh Farey Jalsa Salana The Turin Shroud in Billiat 1503-1506 - Research article (1) by Hugh Duncan Invisible Weaving - Research article (2) by Hugh Farey The Great Fire of 1532 - Research article (3) by Hugh Farey Publications (1) Papers & Articles Publications (2) Books - Fiction and (3) Non-fiction Publications (3) Book Reviews Around the Internet Editorial - by Hugh Farey Events - The 2015 Ostentation - L'Amore Piu Grande Biblical Exegesis on the Word Shroud - Original article by Dr.Caroline Farey Three Marys Iconography (The Mystery of the Skewed Slab) - Original article by Hugh Farey A School Sindonology Project - Original article by Hugh Duncan Lotto V.

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- by Yannick Clment Book Review - "Wrapped Up In The Shroud - Chronicle of a Passion" by Joseph Marino - by Mark Guscin Theological Reflections on Thomas de Wesselow's The Sign - by Andrew Willie BSTS Meeting - by David Rolfe and Ian Wilson Editorial - by Mark Guscin The British Society for the Turin Shroud Newsletter - by Barrie Schwortz The Pilgrim's Medallion/Amulet of Lirey - by Alan Foster The Energy Signature of the Shroud of Turin - by Philippa Foster - by David Rolfe The Image of Edessa and its Progeny in Art and Spirituality - by Andrew Willie BSTS Book Reviews - by Ian Wilson A Small Cloth to be Destroyed - by Emanuela Marinelli Channel 5 Da Vinci Shroud Theory - by Jim Dunning What is the Shroud of Turin? - by Ian Wilson The Shroud of Turin - by Benjamin Morrell The Silent Witness II - Review by Brenda Benton (BSTS Member) and Review by Barrie Schwortz News From Italy - from the February 2008 edition of Sindone News Otho de la Roche by César Barta Shroud Congress in Ohio, August 2008 by Joseph Durham Obituary - Luigi Gonella by Ian Wilson Obituary - Giovanni Riggi by Ian Wilson Obituary - Norma Weller by Ian Wilson Book Review by Ian Wilson Editorial - by Mark Guscin Sudarium of Oviedo and the Man on the Shroud's Ponytail - by Cesar Barta The Shroud's "Missing Years" - by Alessandro Piana The Silent Witness II - by David Rolfe The Tombstone of Geoffrey II de Charny at Froidmont - by Ian Wilson A Proposal To Radiocarbon-date the Pollen of the Shroud of Turin by Stephen E.

Further Possibilities for the Interpretation of Mark -52 - by Mark Guscin New Shroud Documentary by Mark Guscin Editorial - by Mark Guscin Interview With Rex Morgan Book & Film Reviews - by Mark Guscin, Joanna Emery and Barrie Schwortz The Shroud copy in Campillo de Aragn, Spain - by Daniel Duque Torres Relationship of the Shroud with Images of Jesus in the Byzantine Frescoes of Cappadocia by Lennox Manton The Turin Shroud in a 15th Century Fresco in St.

Hippolyte - by Hugh Duncan 1506 - 2006 Guardare la Sindone 500 anni di liturgia sindonica - by Mark Guscin 2nd CES Convention - Valencia, Spain - by Andrs Brito Obituary - Kim Dreisbach - by Dan Scavone Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Third International Dallas Shroud Conference - by Mike Minor The Third International Dallas Shroud Conference - by Joanna Emery The Third International Dallas Shroud Conference - by Diana Fulbright News from Italy 1992-2002: Ten years of important events in the history of the Holy Shroud - by Profs.

In 2002, Mark Guscin ( became the new editor and he is located in Spain.

In 2011, Stephen Jones, another BSTS member who lives in Australia, began the very major task of scanning and optical character recognition of all the earlier issues (working his way backwards from issues #42 through #1), which we completed in November 2012.

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I know how Jesus feels about adultry and I knew with him just starting the divorce, this was adultry. I cant tell you how much we think alike, have in common, love kids, kids sports, kids laughter...... His soon to be ex wfe knows about me, she has almost become stalkerish, she uses her kids terribly, the older kids almost never talk to their mom because of her behavior.… continue reading »

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It was still dark outside when the cab arrived to take me to the airport.… continue reading »

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Los orígenes de la historia del libro se remontan a las primeras manifestaciones pictóricas de nuestros antepasados, la pintura rupestre del hombre del paleolítico.… continue reading »

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The LTC rules, in effect, enable individual tax treatment to continue to apply to owners’ LTC interests even though the LTC is legally a company for other than tax purposes.… continue reading »

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Gonzales was sentenced to 25 years behind bars and paroled to Harris County in May 2015.… continue reading »

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