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For example, sē-cūr-us does not mean secure, but (like secure in Shakespeare and Milton) care-less. (ii.) The final consonant of a prefix is often dropped before two consonants. Thus, sometimes the prefix has a somewhat literal prepositional force. —Very often analysis will help you to find out the proper relation of the subordinate clauses to the three parts of the Principal Sentence. In addition to other disadvantages they had engaged on a spot ill-adapted for fighting and worse for flight. Quintilian, the great critic, says that the aim of the translator should be, not that the reader may understand if he will, but that he must understand whether he will or not. re-vulsion, con-vulsion—will probably help you to the root-meaning. He too is blest who knows the gods of the country, Pan, and old Silvanus, and the sisterhood of the Nymphs.

In-crēd-ib-il-is, on the other hand, often cannot be better translated than by incredible, and im-plācā-bilis by implacable. You need not always analyse on paper, but do it always in your mind. Cut to pieces on every side they abandoned the contest and cried for quarter. adfectaret = the attendant circumstances of the building of the wall; placed, therefore, before AEDIFICAVIT. The more you read the greatest Authors the more you will see that, as Coleridge says, ‘there is a reason assignable not only for every word, but for the position of every word.’ 17. (ii.) Translation.—This sentence contains four finite verbs. The sense, too, of these lines is clear, so you may translate at once; but you must take special care to use dignified and appropriate language:— Happy the man who has availed to know the causes of things, and so trampled under foot all fears and fate’s relentless decree, and the roar of insatiate Acheron.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

Now that less time is available for Latin and Greek, new methods of teaching them must be adopted if they are to hold their own in our public schools. Thus the meaning of— (ii.) Translation.—You have here two principal verbs, doluit, invidit, joined by aut, and a principal subject ille. Compare the alarming migration from the country to the towns in England at the present day. Acherontis avari, which may be summarised as follows: ‘Happy he who knows the laws of Nature, and has therefore ceased to fear natural phenomena and has learnt to despise the fabled terrors of Hades.’ Munro says: ‘I feel that by his Felix qui Vergil does mean a poet-philosopher, who can only be Lucretius.’ Cf. That is what a Demonstration will do if only the learner will give it a fair chance. The principal verb is indagavi, with subject ego quaestor, and object sepulcrum.

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