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The thought process was likely that fans would be more understanding if his shoulder was hurt than if they learned that he had the “yips.” While the coaching staff has been misguided in its reasoning (whether it be my theory or not) to initially report that Stave was injured, it’s hard to believe that anything sinister was going on behind the scenes.

Andersen has never given the impression that he’s the type of coach to perpetrate something like that.

Though expectations may be high to give generously, your budget should lead your purchasing decisions.

If you’re short on cash, think of creative ways to give that aren’t expensive, like preparing a special meal, or giving the gift of a service that you’re an expert in. Nightmarish holiday travel stories have become commonplace on the news.

Whether it’s putting your parents’ desire to have you home when you really want to celebrate with your spouse, or your family’s desire to have a Christmas blowout when you’d prefer to save money, other people’s needs can run rampant.

While the season is about giving more than receiving, this message can be taken too far if you find yourself agreeing to plans and pilgrimages that make you miserable.

These conflicting reports were even more perplexing given that it came on the heels of contradictory statements made regarding running back Melvin Gordon’s injury/non-injury against LSU this past weekend.

In the morning, Wisconsin officials announced that Stave would be out indefinitely with an injury in his throwing shoulder.My work as a life coach intensifies this time of year, as the holidays can mean dealing with more than just getting shopping done on time.We may find ourselves contending with a host of additional obstacles, such as: Some of these are situations you can’t control and which you may not be able to change.While fans have every right to be upset over the Gordon debacle, anger over the Stave situation might not be quite as warranted.

When deciding to announce that Stave was injured, it was likely done as an attempt to shield him from criticism.

To avoid becoming one of them, give yourself a large cushion of time to reach your connections and final destination.