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11-Sep-2017 05:28

Reports of Malia's new love interest come after the former US president was asked how he felt about his daughters, including Malia's 16-year-old sister Sasha, starting dating."That happened, you know?

" he told a North Carolina radio station last year.

Fortunately, the RHS students and their parents were smart enough to see Lookadoo for the charlatan that he is, but some of his programs are targeted toward children in third grade and younger.

Just a few months after Malia Obama started studying at Harvard University, pictures of the former first daughter and her rumoured boyfriend have emerged.19-year-old Rory Farquharson, a former pupil at the reputable Rugby School, has been linked to Barack Obama's eldest daughter, after footage appeared to show the pair kissing during a football game between Harvard and Yale.

The teen, who has suddenly been thrust into the public eye since he was identified as the man embracing Malia, began his undergraduate degree at Harvard last year, say multiple reports.

In the section, “dateable rules,” he offers the following advice: Dateable girls know how to shut up. They don’t tell everyone everything about themselves. Richardson is an overwhelmingly conservative and Christian community, yet some students left the assembly early, and others surrounded him after the event to confront him about his claims."Why did you tell girls to get out of abusive relationships instead of telling guys not to be abusive in the first place? Others tweeted their concern: Lookadoo maintains that his speech at RHS was toned down from his typical “Dateable guides” fare.“They set it up like I was preaching at a school and the complaints are based on relationship stuff on a website that I don’t even talk about in schools,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday night.

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The Dateable girl let’s [sic] God run the world, and tells herself the truth–that all she can control is herself. Dateable girls get that and let him do guy things, get a door, open a ketchup bottle. But according to the Girls are nastier to each other than boys are, Justin Lookadoo told two packed auditoriums at Richardson High School. High school boys and girls should be wary of putting too much into a romance that is almost certain to dissolve. “The reason it’s so hard for you to succeed these days is not because of guys,” he said, “You’re doing it to yourselves.” Guys, he said, need to be manly. ” “This man should not be allowed anywhere near a high school,” wrote Sarah Moon on the Facebook page for a Dallas TV station, which aired a segment about the controversy.“My son is a sophomore at RHS and we are a Christian family. Lookadoo is a Christian, I've seen him speak multiple times and I believe that, while you should have been notified of the content of his speech that he truly has a good understanding of his topics and he speaks truth in a way that teens will listen to.

Sexist, pseudo-religious street preachers are everywhere, especially in Texas, but they become especially dangerous when their ideas are given an air of legitimacy, like, say, through an invite to speak at a public institution.