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Guesses range from 13th century polymath and Franciscan friar Roger Bacon to a young Leonardo Di Vinci.

If it were authored by Roger Bacon in the mid 1200’s, there is some exciting evidence of knowledge beyond its years, namely astronomical charts which show galaxies as viewed through telescope and illustrations of live cells as viewed through microscope, both inventions with their first recorded appearance in the 1600s.

Exciting to mystery lovers, however, is the land mass connected to the South American coast, which many people speculate is a depiction of Antarctica without ice.

The large hump is what is believed to be Antarctica’s Queen Maude Land, and the dip next door is the Weddell Sea.

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Ketika diperiksa oleh dua spesialis, seni restorasi ahli Frank Dorland dan laboratorium kristal Hewlett-Packard, itu menegaskan bahwa tengkorak itu telah diukir dari satu bagian dari kristal kuarsa batu dan diukir terhadap gandum alami dari sumbu kristal, sesuatu yang akan hari ini sangat sulit bahkan dengan alat-alat modern dan teknologi.

Naskah Voynich publik muncul pada tahun 1912 ketika masuk ke sebuah toko penjual buku Polandia-Amerika, Wilfred Voynich.

Sekitar 240 lembar halaman vellum, naskah Voynich terdiri dari ilustrasi besar yang menggambarkan pengetahuan botani, astronomi, anatomi, dan ilmu farmasi, bermitra dengan menulis sepenuhnya diterjemahkan.

The skull is a replica of a human skull made of transparent quartz that was allegedly found by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, daughter of explorer F. When examined by two specialists, art restoration expert Frank Dorland and Hewlett-Packard’s crystal lab, it was confirmed that the skull had been carved from a single piece of quartz rock crystal and carved against the natural grain of the crystal’s axis, something which would be very difficult today even with modern tools and technology.

Even with sophisticated tools, crystal cut against the natural axis shatters indefinitely, and Silicone Valley deemed these crystal skulls as Tengkorak kristal Mitchell-Hedges adalah yang paling terkenal dari kumpulan tengkorak kristal ditemukan antara tahun 1920-an 1960-an di Mesoamerika, seharusnya pra-Columbus di asal dengan mengusulkan kencan di tahun 3600.

A dying man, ravaged with disease and bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth, makes his way to SNN headquarters, where he delivers a mysterious message to Cotten Stone with his final breath -- "Black needles." Black Needles was the code name for an ultra-secret Japanese WWII experiment using a deadly -- and ghastly -- ancient virus.