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Drummer Nick Mason made the very 1971 sketch on the cover, a kind of Rube Goldberg-style 'impossible machine' that looks like it should have appeared in "Yellow Submarine".

: Who knows why, but in subsequent years when Relics was reissued on CD, Nick Mason's original was replaced with an actual mock-up of the device he sketched.

I'm a bit more 'whatever' about its 'medals on a black background' cover, which doesn't always have the text in Courier New on front. As the band had essentially broken up by then, I guess no-one really cared either way. : By no small distance by far the most successful attempt at 'compiling' Pink Floyd, Echoes is a 2CD 'greatest hits' that makes a virtue of the band's remarkable transformation down the years.

: The 'comeback', a David Gimour solo album under the name Pink Floyd, just as authentic as The Final Cut but less interesting, musically. A guy wears light bulbs and someone else is surrounded by... This is typical Storm Thorgerson stuff, but it doesn't really work. This is Storm Thorgerson with his one-millionth Pink Floyd cover, and its Ummagumma-like series of windows in windows hides dozens of visual references to Pink Floyd album covers, album titles, song titles and lyrics.

And for some reason there's the soundtrack to "Gigi" there too.

: The notoriously difficult-to-compile Floyd's first compilation, Relics is a decent trawl of early single releases and random album tracks, released at a tim when those tracks were barely relics at all.

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But (a) they're really labour-intensive, and (b) they require the covers to be a very particular size (too small for my taste) and not centred.

The buxom star has been keeping busy since hanging up her famous red swimsuit.

She launched The Pamela Anderson Foundation at the start of 2014 to help environmental causes and to protect vulnerable people and animals.

: Useless as a product, this was merely the Floyd's first two albums stuck together with a new cover. No clue why they toyed with it, but the elements are the same: burning man burns the paper it's printed on while shaking hands in an abandoned Hollywood lot. This cover was famous for the flashing LED embedded in the spine.

The cover is actually 36 different 'covers', arranged 3x3 across the front, back and an inner gatefold. More than anything, it's just an arresting visual image. It's Animals, Pink Floyd's Orwellian dystopian take on modern society. Those batteries have long since gone dead, and reissues are less flashy. : A twenty-year-old recording of Pink Floyd playing The Wall live in concert, this is rather less than essential a release.Neither does the quasi-'kaleidoscope' cover fit in, though it certainly evokes 1967.

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