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22-Dec-2017 05:28

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Its main use is for corporations to manage and track PCs they have purchased.

Some OEMs also use DMI tables to store information used preactivate Windows installations.

I have tried to look around and figure out what this is but can't figure it out.

It is a brand new Gigabyte motherboard with AMD 790X chipset and an AMD Phenom II processor.

That is why you can reinstall the OS on a Dell or HP without getting the nag about activating within 60 days.

DMI has been superseded by a newer standard called CIM. As other's have mentioned, reseting the BIOS will usually make this message go away. I would update the BIOS, reset it to factory defaults, and if that doesn't do the trick, do an RMA on it and try a new one.

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called the desktop management interface (DMI) pool.

Well and running a Microsoft Preview is always very likely to be unstable ;) I found some other hints on a German forum entry which may help you, too even though it is only when the bootup freezes at the DMI pool verifying: DMI stands for Desktop Management Interface.

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