Validating databases after migration oracle 8i 10g

16-Oct-2017 07:57

In reality Oracle do a lot like whenver a new windows OS then Oracle releases happens on them. I am curious to ask this, what if a big Oracle shop ( like the one I have) might need some small other databases interfaces with SQLSERVER.

In this kind of world there is no end boundaries for conversions, migrations etc.

It is available on otn.It will make a first pass on rewriting tsql into plsql -- but you will have to look at each and every piece of converted code and "fix it", you are not changing databases, you are changing programming languages and programming constructs. What i would like to know here is, Will it be better to make changes (incompatibilities/error corrections)to the source model or target model before migrating the Database or, it is better to migrate the Database first and then make the neccessary changes.

It would be of great benefit for you to add to your team someone with Oracle experience, you'll find it to go much smoother (as it would going from Oracle to MS to have a sqlserver savvy person on board) be prepared to PORT your application, this is not a migration like "we will migrate from version 1 to version 2", this is a PORT, there will be portions of your application that will be rewritten, some might PORT easily others will have to be very much reworked. Are there any tools that can achieve, or help in achieving this (Code correction)task. July 15, 2005 - am UTC I'd migrate and fix (because you are going to spend the bulk of your time "fixing" anyway, call it "redevelopment") Code correction is going to be something you do, the software will take the first wack at it for you, but after that -- you.

********************************************************************** Tablespaces: [make adjustments in the current environment] ********************************************************************** -- TEMP tablespace is adequate for the upgrade. ********************************************************************** Miscellaneous Warnings ********************************************************************** WARNING: -- Database is using an old timezone file version. Patch the database to timezone file version 4 .... WARNING: -- Database contains stale optimizer statistics. Refer to the 11g Upgrade Guide for instructions to update ....

Thanks Kumar Hi Folks, I agree your point, why Oracle do that -- correct?The solution I can think about is to generate text files from SQL Server database, and then load the text file into Oracle using SQL*Loader.I wonder can Oracle query the SQL Server database directly, or are there other ways of doing this? set up generic connectivity, you can select from sqlserver and insert into sqlserver from Oracle -- giving sqlserver all of the power of Oracle functionality ;) See you can upgrade SS without touching their software...The script checks a number of areas to make sure the instance is suitable for upgrade including: @utlu111Oracle Database 11.1 Pre-Upgrade Information Tool . ********************************************************************** Update Parameters: [Update Oracle Database 11.1 or spfile] ********************************************************************** WARNING: -- "sga_target" needs to be increased to at least 336 MB . ********************************************************************** Obsolete/Deprecated Parameters: [Update Oracle Database 11.1 or spfile] ********************************************************************** -- "core_dump_dest" replaced by "diagnostic_dest" .

********************************************************************** Database: ********************************************************************** -- timezone file: V2 . ********************************************************************** Renamed Parameters: [Update Oracle Database 11.1 or spfile] ********************************************************************** -- No renamed parameters found. ********************************************************************** Components: [The following database components will be upgraded or installed] ********************************************************************** -- Oracle OLAP API [upgrade] VALID . patching the database to record the new timezone file version.

I know this causes $$ to do this untill emerges one day with some key.

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