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Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and his young son Opie (Ron Howard) are in need of a new housekeeper.Andy's Aunt Bee Taylor looks like the perfect candidate and moves in, but her presence causes friction with Opie.Roger Courtney invites Andy to come up to the state capital and meet the membership committee of The Esquire club and be considered for membership.Andy accepts the offer but tells him he'll be bringing Barney along also.Andy's not to sure about him but Aunt Bee is quite taken with him.When Andy notices how taken with him Aunt Bee is he relaxes and agrees to let him stay on and help around the house.Barney is convinced that the new, mysterious farmer in town warrants further investigation.

Andy and Barney do a little investigating and discover the contraption is actually a still and the kindly sisters are in the moonshining business!Barney is very excited at the prospect of joining this exclusive club but he's worried that Andy may need a bit of polishing.Aunt Bee and Clara Johnson are both jarring homemade pickles.The Women's Historical Society is all set to throw a celebration in honor of the last living descendant of a Revolutionary War hero named Nathan Tibbs, who has been traced to Mayberry.

But their excitement turns to horror when they discover that the intended honoree is the town drunk, Otis Campbell.

Two men posing as an FBI agent and press photographer come to Mayberry to congratulate the town.